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The road to success begins with a vision which, derived from a single idea. A vision to develop a paint company in Pakistan, a brand which delivers products of international quality standards and state of the art paint development techniques, to relinquish the gap between the international production and supply of paint in Pakistan and be a market leader in all aspects of development in paint.


The stone setting of this vision was the birth of Pakistan’s first paint production company, Brighto Paints in 1973 at Saeed Park, Shahdara, Lahore, established by Mr. Kh. Riaz Ahmed Sikka. Mr. Sikka’s journey holds no introduction, for his resilience and business intelligence is the result of a market leader today. His company’s inaugural production was of Synthetic Enamel paint, the first for Pakistan with production design which is followed still after 3 decades.


His continuous efforts resulted in enormous success and the establishment of a new production plant in 1981 at Majid Street, Bara Dari Road, Shahdara, Lahore. The facility included commendable production facility and techniques and innovative methods to produce high quality products. The same year was the start of production of water based paints. This was a revolutionary step towards industrializing the paint industry on a large scale. Pakistanis had the distinct opportunity of now purchasing locally produced, international standard paints.


The journey of Brighto Paints took a new turn in the establishment of Pakistan’s first Alkyd Resin Plant, under the name of Sikka Enterprises in 1989 by Mr.Kh. Riaz Ahmed Sikka as a sister concern of Brighto Paints. This gave birth to quality in oil based paint manufacturing for Brighto Paints. The Alkyd Resin plant was designed to process soya bean, vegetable oil and other such additives to produce alkyd resin a significant raw material for oil based paints. The quality of the paint depended heavily on the quality of the alkyd resin. This established some serious goals and aims in the management’s minds to enhance their quality and offer serious competition to international paint suppliers. The diversity of products was key to the success of Brighto even then, which today it holds no comparison to, in the market saturated.

"Under the watchful eye of the father of Brighto Paints Mr. Kh. Riaz Ahmed Sikka,

Who spared no effort in establishing this company’s road and pillars to stand high on,

Brighto Paints was made to stay.

Like a legacy the ownership of responsibility has to shift generations,

From father to son, from son to grandson."



In the year 2000, Brighto placed the mantle of its business presence in the market by becoming a private limited firm under the company’s ordinance act of 1973.


Opening new horizons, Brighto Paints took a glorified step towards global operations by launching export to Afghanistan in 2004. This meant that not only was Brighto the first company to locally produce paint in Pakistan but also export it.The company never looked back, from exports to local production to plant enhancement, Brighto Paints had the zeal, meek and valor to become a market leader and a combination of business skills that are found in the fortunate few.


By 2005 Brighto Paints enhanced their production plant according to international standards and relocated to Raiwind Road, Lahore. Brighto Paints also hosted an in-house Resin Plant and the capacity to produce water and oil based paints within their own facility. The new plant is ISO certified, has won various awards and accreditations and is automated to meet the market demands. Brighto Paints also hosts within its production facility to provide gallon design technology to meet the customer’s tailored made demands.


It didn’t take long for Brighto Paints to realize the potential it had and the possibilities to become a future market leader. Therefore, realizing the need to institutionalize themselves, in 2007 Brighto Paints established an in-house marketing division. Armed with renowned professionals and dedicated workforce Brighto started communicating to its audience and customers on a corporate level. The division revolutionized the identity, image and market exposure of Brighto Paints.


Never compromising on quality, in 2011 Brighto Paints was the first paint company in Pakistan to achieve International Quality Crown Award in Gold Category by Business Initiative Directions in London.

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